Too Fat To Be Fit

(And Other Stupid Things I’ve Been Told)

Believe in yourself—even when no one else does.

About the Book

It’s hard. We are told so many things throughout our lives. People form opinions that make us think we are a certain way, and when we are told these things over and over, we start to believe them. But we need to remember that when we hear that voice, it isn’t our own. It is the voice of others projecting their impressions—accurate or not—upon us. It does not define who we are.

We define who we are, and we can be so many things: silly, smart, kind, and so much more. 

Too Fat to Be Fit shares my journey of overcoming the onslaught of negative opinions that chased me from childhood to adulthood and from my family life to my fitness career. This book explores my struggles, my feelings, my acknowledgment, and my breakthrough—and it wasn’t a straight line to get there. Like everyone else, my path has had many twists and turns, but I have discovered my true value along the way. Join me on my journey to recognize your own self-worth and potential for success!

About the Author

Amy Moreland, an advocate for changing the look of fitness, is the CEO and founder of AMPD Strong, a group fitness certification and workout program.

She is inspired by every single instructor of her courses as well as everyone who takes an AMPD class. Amy’s passion is to showcase that fitness is for every body and that strength isn’t defined by outward appearance.

She is also an international presenter and has graced the stages of FIBO, IDEA World, CanFitPro, Fitness and Wellness Australia, SCW Mania, FitExpo, and DCAC. Amy lives in Pennsylvania, and when she’s not working out, she enjoys time with her family—and a little retail therapy doesn’t hurt either!


"Fitness isn't about losing a bunch of weight or making yourself look good on a social media post. And loving yourself isn't just taking a bath or eating some dark chocolate (although I love dark chocolate!). It's about helping you become the best version of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually."

"The stress of the studio, the jobs, the kids and, unsurprisingly, my mom was starting to wear on me in significant ways. I was just not myself anymore. Anxiety was overtaking me."